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    Analysis and evaluation technologies

    Analysis and evaluation technologies supporting the quality of our products

    By employing a cutting edge analyzer which sensitively acquires the information on the surface and interface structures and molecular structures, the principles of material phenomena can be analyzed on the micro/nanoscale.

    Micro-field data are used for designing new materials and developing technologies. We are also involved in the development of new analysis methods and innovative evaluation technologies.

    Surface analysis
    • EPMA / SEM
    • ToF-SIMS
    • XPS
    Thermal analysis and rheology evaluation
    • TGADSC
    • Rheometer / DMA
    • TMA
    • Light DSC
    • Electrical charge/discharge tester
    Component analysis and chromatograph
    • GC-MS
    Optical properties
    • Prism coupler
    • Non-contact 3-dimensional surface shape measuring equipment
    • TEM
    • High-speed camera
    • OCT
    Reliability testing
    • Temperature and Humidity controlled chamber + test-substrate for electrical corrosion
    • Reflow simulator
    • Sunshine weather meter
    Chemical structure analysis and spectroscopy
    • Raman spectrophotometer
    • NMR
    • FT-IR
    • Manipulator
    • XRD
    Liquid crystal panel evaluation equipment
    • VHR/ion density measurement equipment
    Process verification
    • Dispenser
    • Laminating system
    • Continuous coating machine
    • Dry glove box