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    WORLD ROCK Adhesives for OLED & other flexible device

    What is requirement for adheisive 4 performanse.

    There is developing adhesive to OLED.




    TFE(Thin Film Encapsulation)

    ? Able to do inkjet without solvent. (Adhesive is non-solvent.)

    ? Able to apply thin film layer, particle covered layer, Stress relaxation layer.


    Temporary fixation material endures 450℃(OCG)

    ? Temporary fixation material endures 450℃.Able to have adhesion.

    ? No zipping during peeling off which provides no damage to device and improve yield point.

    ? There is no need for the use of multiple fixation material or tapes depending on the heating terms.


    Electro-wire, edge reinforcement.

    ? High elasticity & High elongation adhesive.

    ? Non-tackiness & able to apply coating part.

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