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    WORLD ROCK UV curing hot melt

    What is UV curing hot melt?


    How to provide solutions by adhesive's process.

    • Realization of selective application to reduce overflow.
    • Higher shape retention properties even though before curing.
    • Low-High tensile modulus are able to apply varieties device.


    Low tensile modulus Gel (Elasticiy:1.0E+02~1.0E+03 Pa)

    • Pre-curing (less pre-Alignment)
    • Reduce air bubble, follow steps, reduce stress.

    Adding UV cure function.

    • Reversible function gets dissipated by UV irradiation.
    • Maintain uniformity, good addhesive strength, endurable reliability.

      Reversible change


    • Able to customize optical, physical performance based on requirement.
    Content Property reference Representative value(After curing)
    Appearance Transparent
    Transition Temperature Tg 20~60(G'=G")
    Applied temperature(℃) 60~80 (η=5000 mPa?s)
    ecommended curing condition(mJ/c㎡) 1,000~3,000(400mW/c㎡)
    Tensile modulus(Pa) 1.0E+04~1.0E+09
    Elongation rate(%) 2~350
    Tensile strength(Pa) 1.0E+05~1.0E+07
    Transmittance(%) >95.0(400nm)
    Yellow Index <1.0
    HAZE(%) <1.0

    ※ Able to customize optical, physical performance based on requirement.


    High aspect ratio and make Flat film forming.

    High aspect

    Lamination for various structures.

      Lamination for various structures

    Sealing, Reinforcement, Overflow, and Flow Control





    Reversible Gel and Liquid by temperature.

    • Heat up application provides several method.(Slit, Di coting, Jet dispense, and others.)


    • Temperature change. (tensile modulus, viscosity)


    Process UV curing hot meltNewtonian liquids
    During application Required for heating No heating required
    After application Rapid viscosity increase & gelation by cooling Liquid does not change
    hape retention Almost no fluidity due to gel condition Overflow is occurred

    • Reversible change (tensile modulus)


    Several above features provide benefits as below.

    • Able to make free and variety shapes.(3D, Sheet, High aspect.)
    • Able to control overflow.
    • Able to do de-assemble by heat. (repare, pre-Alignment.)

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