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    Corporate philosophy

    Three management principles

    By establishing the following three management principles, we are advancing toward their realization.

    Our fundamental standpoint

    We started our business from the standpoint that our mission is to provide our clients with adhesive functions and systems.

    Our company’s name, Kyoritsu, is constituted of two Chinese characters: “Kyo (協)” which means “all members moving forward together in a spirit of cooperation”, and “Ritsu (立)” which means “independence.” That is, the meaning of “Kyoritsu” is an independent company where independent individuals sharing the corporate dream work together as part of the company to realize it.

    We believe what is important about the corporate management is not only to pursue profits and economic rationality, but also to allow each employee to have his/her dreams and objectives, and pursue self-realization along with corporate dreams.

    They say “One cultivates and develops himself/herself by engaging in the job.” We aim at human-centered management based on a system which allows every employee to gain spiritual rewards measured not only in economic terms, that is, a rewarding sense of satisfaction with the job and the meaning of life, to engage in intellectual production activities while enjoying a feeling of fulfillment and discovering a bright outlook, and to obtain a well-won reward.

    Unless every employee feels happy, we cannot bring joy to our clients or do creative jobs. We believe that the best type of management is to thoroughly pursue the “real joy we obtain by contributing to someone and being appreciated by him/her” through external as well as internal activities.

    Our basic principles

    On a company-wide basis, we have a basic philosophy of the altruistic value, “Men obtain real joy by contributing to someone and being appreciated by him/her.”

    1. We thus regard business principles as a “contribution to our clients and society.”
      ?Achieving “benefits for our clients and society”
    2. We understand that “our raison d'être” is justified by creating “values which impress our clients and society.”
      ?Achieving corporate benefits
    3. We regard the company as a place to provide every employee with opportunities to develop himself/herself and feel pleasure as a human being by creating values which impress our clients and society.
      ?Achieving employees’ profits

    The above are our three basic principles.
    We are managing the company to achieve those three benefits.