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    Contribution to our society

    As a member of society

    We desire to contribute to the construction of a good life and the solution of social issues by continuously developing and providing useful products which have never existed before. From such a managerial viewpoint, we are proactively engaging in activities as a member of society.

    Our efforts

    Good tax payment record

    We define the principle of our business as “contribution to our clients and society.” We think it is important for us to give back to our society by fulfilling the obligation to pay taxes as a result of our businesses for “the benefits of our clients and society.”
    Based on this belief, we have been commended more than once by the tax authorities as a good taxpayer.

    Donations to the Red Cross, universities, research institutes, etc.

    As part of our contribution activities to our society and local communities, we have been sustainably offering donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society, universities and research institutes for the benefits of society and local communities.

    Reception of local internship students

    Our R&D Center and plants are contributing to the development of human resources by receiving local internship students to allow them to have career experience.