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    Quality policies

    Quality manual

    Legal and regulatory requirements

    We identify and abide by the legal restrictions and systems applied to the corporate activities, products and services. Also, we establish and maintain a procedure for ensuring that documents are always available.

    Quality policies

    Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd.

    Our management principles:

    [Contribution to the society]
    We proactively contribute to the development of the society to find a rewarding sense of satisfaction, and bring meaning into our business.

    [Customer-centered approach]
    We engage in creative activities which are meaningful for our clients, and always strive to be a company they can rely on.

    [Innovative approach]
    We proceed with creation and reformation by always trying something new.

    We strive to achieve our above management principles and “maximize client value” by continuously building a “client loyalty” relationship with our clients based on the management policy, focusing on the effort to “design ‘adhesion technologies’ from the viewpoint of our clients.”
    As the role of a purchase agency or a chemical division involved in the development of “adhesion technologies” for our clients is expected to be played by capitalizing on intelligent production capability for creating and developing limitless “client values,” it is very important not only to achieve differentiation from other companies by adopting competitive strategies, but also conduct real creative activities to “ maximize client values” by targeting relevant clients and markets, and through the use of our “professionalism and technical potential.”
    We give the highest priority to “activities to pursue the qualities” of products and services from clients’ perspective .

    Specific policies

    1. To convert existing customers to fixed customers,and to find sources of profits in the future.
    2. To deepen understanding of customer centric marketing,and to execute the marketing plan.

    These policies are documented to demonstrate our attitude toward quality, and our intention to maximize client values exceeding client satisfaction. We make every effort to ensure that these quality policies are fully understood and accurately implemented by all employees, and the effectiveness of the quality management is continuously improved.
    Our business activities to realize our management principles consist of our relentless effort to “maximize client values” by building up “client loyalty.” For this purpose, we continually specialize in technologies and marketing activities to design and provide quality products and services for our clients. Also, we are determined to have sufficient opportunities to exchange information and opinions for the purpose of measuring and analyzing client satisfaction in an effort to respond to the needs and expectations of our clients, employees and local residents, as well as understanding and reflecting them in our business activities. Our management (quality) objectives are intended to realize these management principles and policies, and are as shown below.

    Management object in 2022er

    1. Finding new markets and customers,and increasing customer satisfications for future profits.
    2. To introduce new products into promising markets and customers.
    3. To deepen understanding of customer centric marketing,and to execute the marketing plan in all department and division.
    4. Cultivation of human resource.

    Mar. 23, 2022
    Kazuyuki Kojima, President