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    Production responsibility

    Integrated management of product manufacture and quality

    The assurance of safety and quality of the product offered to our clients is one of our top-priority corporate activities.
    At Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd., we take appropriate measures to cope with a variety of risks by constructing a stable supply system upgraded based on the internal response process in an effort to improve client satisfaction.

    Product supply (manufacturing) – Integrated management system

    Our integrated management system enables us to improve the quality of the products supplied based on a system which manages a variety of items relating to supply in an integrated manner.

    Quality improvement

    Raw material acceptance tests

    To maintain a certain level of quality of products, we set a unique standard and items for raw material acceptance tests.



    We adopted an analyzer for swiftly detecting quality anomalies and suggesting new material analysis methods.


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    Production management

    Weighing system

    Raw materials are prevented from being erroneously compounded by combining an electric balance and server, and simultaneously performing barcode management. Also, it is feasible to perform tracking at the level of the raw materials to be used.


    Production process

    We adopted a manufacturing process management method based on the weighing system, and a work environment management method for the purpose of manufacturing high-purity products.


    Material management

    Materials are managed on a real-time basis through the use of the professional-use PDA, which is connected with the barcode system.


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    Stable supply

    Earthquake-proof structure

    If plants suffer large-scale earthquakes, which have been increasingly frequent recently, not only the local facilities but also plants in other areas would be obliged to stop their manufacturing activities.
    By adopting earthquake-proof structures for our research and manufacturing facilities, we have built up a system which ensures that our employees and facilities are protected from a large earthquake, and our products are always supplied in a stable manner.


    In-house power generation

    A stable electricity supply is indispensable for ensuring that our offices are managed and our products are manufactured in a stable manner. Meanwhile, in recent years, there are concerns over a stable electricity supply, and there are risks posed to stable and sustainable business activities.
    We can maintain stable manufacturing activities with our in-house power generation facilities, which are able to supply power to allow all laboratories and plants to maintain their normal operations.


    Product storage

    We have a storage environment according to the product and the management of incoming/outgoing items to and from the warehouse, thus ensuring swift and safe storage of products.


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