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    Our environmental practice policies

    Our environmental manual

    The President of Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. shall determine the Company’s Environmental Policies by ensuring that:

    1. The Policies are appropriate for the qualities, sizes and environmental effects of all of our activities, products and services;
    2. The Policies take the plant locations, and society’s intentions and concerns into account;
    3. The Policies include official pledges concerning sustainable improvement and contamination prevention;
    4. The Policies include a promise to observe other requirements agreed by the relevant environmental regulatory authorities; and
    5. The Policies set up an environmental objective and a framework for revising them.

    Our Environmental Policies

    Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd.
    Kisarazu R&D Center, First, Second, Third Plants

    1. Understanding that conservation of the environment is an imperative obligation and responsibility for the Earth’s inhabitants, we are fully aware of the effects of “WORLD ROCK” and its manufacturing activities on the environment. At the same time, we shall sustainably enhance environmental conservation by setting up environmental objectives, targets and programs for each department, and regularly revise them with an aim to clarify and observe relevant environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and industrial and client requirements. As long as technically and economically possible, more efforts shall be made to preserve the environment by establishing additional voluntary standards.
    2. For the effects of our business activities on the environment, the following matters shall be prioritized in order to preserve the environment and prevent pollution.
      1. Creation of resource-saving, energy-saving and low environmental load products
      2. Promotion of recycling by the sorted collection of waste materials
      3. Establishment of a system for the management and reduction of hazardous substances
    3. We shall provide training for all employees working in or for the organization to allow them to conduct environmental conservation activities, and remain an environment-conservation-oriented company.

    Mar. 23, 2022
    Kazuyuki Kojima, President

    Familiarization and publication of Environmental Policies

    1. The Environment Management Supervisor shall document the Environmental Policies and post them in each office and plant, and make the contents thereof known to all employees to ensure their implementation. The detailed procedure is set forth in the “Policy Management Rules (KMS-01100).”
    2. The Environment Management Supervisor shall prepare a brochure which summarizes the details of Environmental Policies so that they may be promptly disclosed to the general public when requested.

    Revision of Environmental Policies

    The Environmental Policies shall be revised on the following occasions:

    1. When the President examines and recognizes the necessity for revising the Environmental Policies as part of the management review; or,
    2. When the Environment Management Supervisor recognizes the necessity for revising the Environmental Policies, and the President gives approval.
    3. The Environmental Policies shall be revised in accordance with the “Policy Management Rules (KMS-01100).”